Amani - January / February 2010 Newsletter
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This new year is a year of hope and great expectations for every single South African. We've been counting down towards 2010 for the past 2 years and now it is here! It is going to be a year full of adventure, excitement and great opportunities.

We wish you the wings to fly
The vision to dream wildly
And the spirit to embrace all the beauty in life.

In the vineyards

The grape harvest is one of the most important moments in the creation of a great wine.

Through out the year we've done our absolute best to assure that the grapes are bursting with flavour and ready for top quality wine.

The only problem is, that the birds also love the grapes.

Birds can be one of the most destructive and costly pests to vineyards, especially for small vineyards. Crop value and percentage of crop damage value will determine the economics of bird control methods.

Many bird species will eat grapes. Birds that peck or tear berries generally cause the worst damage as they don't take the whole berry. Piercing or tearing berry skins exposes the whole bunch to infestation of disease. Birds that pluck whole berries are potentially the least damaging but can also take large quantities of fruit if they are in sufficient numbers.

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