There are many levels of farming in the wine communities of the world from low-quality, high-volume farming to high-quality, low-volume farming. Amani is seeking the latter as it has proven, over much time and experience the world over to produce the highest quality and consistency.

We believe that, year after year, our customers desire products that are consistent, hence the need to lessen the negative effects of nature’s inconsistency to the greatest degree possible. We also believe we are only stewards of this marvelous land and, to that end, we are very cautious and are moving ever closer to organic and biodynamic standards.

For quality we employ a “pressure bomb” to measure the leaf moisture potential in the vines to eliminate both under and over-watering of the vines. Early removal of excess crop ensures more flavour in the grapes at harvest. Our soils do allow us more control than many and this is beginning to showing its value in our wines. Closer to harvest we utilize aerial infra-red photography to define the different levels of vigour present in each block. Once we have identified these, we harvest each block in three separate vigor levels keeping them separate through the fermentation and early maturation processes. Phenological ripeness testing is done to ensure we pick when the grapes are ready.
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